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Texas Custom Coach


Coachworks, LLC

"Texas Custom Coach has exceeded customer expectations for more than 25 years. A truly custom coach builder! We have been designing and building..."

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Thank you so much for all of your contributions toward making our coach renovation possible and such a success. We absolutely adore everything! You gave us a great gift by allowing us to live in the coach during the process and to work freely with your craftsmen. It was for us a dream come true.

We appreciate you running Mary Catherine all over San Antonio to look at products. She enjoyed learning about you and your family during those outings and admires the closeness of your family. Thanks also for sticking with it until you got what she was after. She will never forget you willingness to work with her on her “pickiness” about products.

Dave, you are a rare bird! Not many owners of a company would hand over their credit card to a new customer, allowing them to receive an extra discount on needed new items. We appreciated your displayed confidence in us being trustworthy and knowing what we were doing.

You were also the perfect host, carefully choosing places that would fit out “taste”. It was great to have some evenings to forget the coach project and we enjoyed spending those evening with you and Karen. If you ever are in the Greensboro, NC area we hope you will give us an opportunity to reciprocate.

The pictures that were taken of the renovation are now available online at The video shows the renovation story and individual pictures can be seen in the different folders found at this link. We hope you enjoy revisiting our 3 months in pictures!

Your craftsmen thrived on our gratitude for their beautiful work. You truly have an incredible group working for you and we would encourage you to tell them that often. There is no doubt; we will fondly remember our time spent at Texas Custom Coach.

Blessings to you,

Mary Catherine Graham

After the Teton Rally, in Albuquerque NM in September 2009, we were seriously considering trading in our International truck and Experience Frontier 39' trailer for new ones. We had so many significant problems with our trailer and our truck was approaching 11 years old. However, I did the math and determined that we could do a lot of repairs/modifications to our trailer, and still be way ahead financially.

At the 2009 Teton rally, a fellow Teton owner told me about Texas Custom Coach in Pipe Creek where he had major upgrade/modification work done on his trailer. We made our appointment with the owner, Dave Miller, in the fall of 2009 to address a water leak in the right rear corner of our trailer. They cleaned everything up, resealed all of the interfaces and screws, and reinstalled everything. We haven't had a water leak since. They also moved the shore power access trap to reduce stress on the cord when plugged in. They were very willing to do it the way I wanted and were very willing to allow you to be involved as they are determining what to do to correct the problem(s) you have asked them to fix. That's one of the things I really like about Texas Custom Coach. Of course they don't want you getting in the way, but they do welcome any input you may have about how you want something done, and all of the employees we dealth with were friendly and easy to work with.

They have lots of positions where you can plug into 50-amp electrical power so you can "live" in your RV while they work on it. We were very pleased with all of the other work they did. I really like having the door activated lights in the closets, and we both are very pleased with our new carpet! I have to say that both of the experiences we've had with Texas Custom Coach have arguably been the best RV repair encounters we have had over our 11 years RVing.

Neil C. - Teton Owner

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LifeSyle By Coachworks, L.L.C., 10498 State HW 16 S,
Pipe Creek, Texas, 78063
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